Why is Nylon called nylon & Who invented nylon?

Kolon BASF innoPOM opens new POM plant in Korea
October 28, 2018

The origion of the name Nylon is lost in history, though there are several clever answers/explanations to the name. The most likely answer is that Nylon was created by both New York and London scientists so they used both of the cities name NY in Nylon stands for New York and Lon are the first three letters of London

Who invented nylon?
Wallace Carrothers, an absolutely brilliant organic chemist who worked for DuPont, and battled severe depression all his life. Carrothers wanted to give something to mankind that would be truly useful, but was not convinced any of his work had been any good at all. He ultimately committed suicide. Three weeks after taking his own life, he was awarded the patent for nylon – one of the most useful of all synthetic plastic-type compounds.

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